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by Amelia Robertson - 1 year ago

​How to build your perfect Smart House

Have you ever been sat watching an old pre 2000’s sci fi film or even just channel hopping and seen that they thought we would have self cleaning houses that cook for you and take care of your every need ? in this list we have a smart cooker that yo...

News / Video - 1 year ago

BlackPods brings your AirPods to the dark side

This is the story of a guy who found a niche and stuck with it. The guy is a programmer named Nick who was worried about Apple’s wireless AirPods. He thought they looked stupid. “I didn’t have particularly high hopes when Apple first announced AirPod...

News / Video - 1 year ago

Apple just released iOS 11 developer beta 5

Apple just dropped a brand new beta for your favorite iOS update of the year. While iOS 11 isn’t coming out until September, the company has been testing the new version for a couple of months already. I still don’t recommend installing the beta on a...