Have you ever been sat watching an old pre 2000’s sci fi film or even just channel hopping and seen that they thought we would have self cleaning houses that cook for you and take care of your every need ? in this list we have a smart cooker that you can adjust from your phone, a smart tv that eliminates the need for a pc for browsing purposes and other essential things for the perfect smart house.

1. Smart Tv

Smart tv’s are great they eliminate the need for a pc for those of you who are just using the internet. A smart tv means you can go from watching normal tv to browsing the internet to using streaming apps like netflix, amazon prime and spotify with ease. This also means it takes up less space due to there being less wires hanging around so it also makes for a cleaner tidier set up and all you need to do is lay on the couch and hit some buttons. The model we have chosen is the SAMSUNG QE49Q7FAM 49" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV it comes with a 4K Ultra HD HDR screen , Catch-up TV & Streaming , the picture quality is 3100 PQI it comes with a TV Plus & Twin Freesat and has four HDMI slots. It costs £ 1,499.00 and comes with a free install.

2. Smart oven

Smart ovens have built in wifi to let you remotely access and control them. You do this by installing an app on your apple or android device. The app allows you to easily access and adjust settings receive notifications and download different recipes from chefs using michelin 3 star restaurants. This means you can just lay down on the couch and the phone will tell you when it's ready. It costs £1,211.00 and comes with gourmet vapour technology and an auto cook programme which means you can enjoy spending time watching your smart tv while monitoring what's happening from your phone.

3. Smart Thermostat

The nest learning thermostat controls the temperature of your house it can be wall mounted or placed on a stand. It uses wireless technology to essentially talk to your boiler. This means it can control water heating and radiators. Whenever you leave the house it detects this and turns on power saving mode to save energy plus you can also turn both water and heating off by using your phone. It also encourages you to turn heating down to save energy. For the first few days it records how you use it and sets itself a schedule although this can be edited at a later date.

4. Smartphone

Now smartphones can seem common nowadays that we aren't all playing snake on an old nokia but this is the device that's going to be controlling all of these products so you should make sure that it's compatible with and able to run the apps for all of the above. For this we have chosen the iphone 7 as apple have a history of making good products that are able to easily run any mobile app you can throw at it. The iphone 7 has 2gb of ram and 32gb of storage which is more than enough to both run and store these apps. Its also easy to use and has a good user interface so you won't be getting frustrated trying to find things.

5. Broadband

Now this is probably the most important part of the set up as without a strong wifi connection the smart tv becomes an expensive flat screen, the smart cooker becomes just a normal cooker and the thermostat will become an expensive ornament. For broadband we have chosen to go with EE as it's fast , reliable and good for your money. The package we suggest is £32.50 for 18 months and £32 upfront for this you are getting fibre plus broadband which runs at 76 mb/s this means you can have all these devices connected and still be able to use your other devices like consoles and pc’s. You can also save money on this by going here to get discount codes.